Lake George Musical Portrait
by Tedd Browne

(Digitally Remastered)
The songs included in “Lake George Musical Portrait” portray the history, legends and folklore of the Lake George region.  This album represents a special insight into one of America’s most interesting but nearly forgotten songwriters and folksingers, Tedd Browne.  In the tradition of such great songs as Jimmie Driftwood’s “Tennessee  Stud” and “Battle of New Orleans”  Tedd Browne creates a glimpse of the wonder of the early growth of America’s unique Lake George region of New York, as seen through her vast natural resources and the characters and events that shaped her history.

Lake George, Queen of American lakes, is nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upper New York State.  The gateway to Canada, Lake George served as an important means of transportation during the French and Indian War.  The mountainous area surrounding the lake and the islands offered strategic points for warfare.  Fort William Henry and Fort Ticonderoga were built at opposite ends of the lake.  Today the Lake George area is noted as a vacationland.  Many historical points of interest have been reconstructed and serve as a living history.

“Lake George Musical Portrait” brings to life a special part of the Lake George region’s history and geography.  In addition, this special digitally remastered album represents an iconic showcase of American folk music at its very best.


Song Samples:

1. Fort William Henry
2. Islands
3. Ethan Allen
4. Rogers' Slide
5. The Lumberjack
6. Father Jogues
7. Lake George Steamboats
8. The Barton Mines
9. Fort Ticonderoga
10. John Brown
11. Glens Falls
12. Holiday

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